Is It a Stradivari?

Instruments with facsimile labels are very common.
The practice of putting facsimile labels in violins dates back to the 17th century.
The most common of these labels bear the names of Stradivarius, Amati, Guarnerius, and Stainer.
In most cases, these labels were not meant to defraud, but to identify an instrument as being a copy of the maker's model. Most copies are not at all like the original.
Some instruments with facsimile labels may be excellent instruments in their own right.
However, many thousands of lesser grade student instruments from Germany and Czechoslovakia also have facsimile labels.
Some instruments with facsimile labels may appear to be old.
The appearance of age is not proof of authenticity, nor is an instrument necessarily valuable because it is old.


Example of facsimile label
Example of facsimile label

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